Custom Made Jewellery

Personalised just for you

Well will design the perfect custom jewellery piece for you! We design your jewellery with you, and source the materials from ethical suppliers, before handcrafting it in store, translating your imagination into life.

Our Unique, Easy 3 Step Process. “Ensures quality every time.”


Our jeweller will sketch out your design in-store.

CAD Image

Your sketch will then be transformed into a CAD image for you so you can see your jewelry before it’s made.

Finished Product

Your beautiful piece will then be made in store by our highly skilled jeweller.

Only the Best

We use only the highest quality Jewels, Materials and GIA certified Diamonds!


Hinged Rings

Hinged rings are made from exceptional quality material that open and close with ease allowing your ring to fit comfortably and securely.

If you have had a problem wearing rings because of arthritis,  injury or just naturally. A hinged ring is the solution ensuring you will have a perfect fit.


Designed and Handmade In Store

If you have something special in mind we would love to help. Our attention to detail, obsession for quality and design ensures your piece is both personal and priceless.

We are experts in modelling unique designs and shaping those intricate designs into perfection in metal and stone

 You can feel confident that your ideas will be interpreted correctly and that you are assured of the highest quality and design integrity when we create your special piece.